I just read a great article from Mediapocalypse, complete with graphs, stats, and analysis of the graphs/stats. READ IT. DO IT NOW.


– I’m totally fine with a future that has less professional musicians. That just means less competition, right? Especially with the author pointing out that “it doesn’t seem as if the music market is in a downward trend. In fact, more people are listening to more music than ever before.”

“We clearly need shorter copyright terms.” Yes and yes.

“Those with the entrepreneurial skills have more and more opportunities for exposure than those skilled only in composition, performance or recording.” You could probably substitute the phrase “less of an entitlement mentality” for “entrepreneurial skills” and the sentence would make the same point.

Along these lines, this article by Seth Godin on “working for free” is also a good read a makes a compelling argument.

HT: Billy Thommes