1) James Blake – Self-titled … The UK singer-songwriter’s only full-length recording to date. The programming and overall groove approach on this album is so mind-blowing.

2) Boz Skaggs – Memphis … Most recent record by this blues legend, produced by Steve Jordan (who also plays drums). Tones are rich, warm, organic, and so beautiful.

3) St Vincent – Strange Mercy … I’m somewhat late to the party on St Vincent, a female vocalist/songwriter/guitarist with an incredibly artistic and creative sound.

4) Fourtet – There Is Love In You … British post-rock electronica. Great use of live drums within the samples and loops.

5) Keith Jarrett’s “Standards” – full concert on Youtube … the internet wins again for providing rad music and footage to go along with it. I have a DVD of this concert and it cost me a LOT back in the early 2000’s when I bought it, so don’t miss the chance to watch it for free online…