Once again I skipped the usual Friday post in favor of a Saturday post, but this time not because I forgot but rather to honor Good Friday. Not that Jojo Mayer’s playing isn’t honoring to our Lord and Savior in its own way…


– Jojo is one of the few chopsy-drum-magazine-Guitar-Center-dvd-shelf that I really dig. 

– This vid is obviously a clinic setting, and he’s demoing the use of Bonham triplets in a solo setting. The whole solo is played with just a “kick-right-left” pattern.

– Check out the rhythm change at 1:50… from triplet 8ths to 16ths… while still maintaining the Bonham triplet, but in a polyrhythm instead of a symmetrical quarter not grouping. He keeps the hats going on the quarter note too. Killer.