I tend to steer clear of the show-boaty drum solo world, but DANG GURL… this guy is really something…


– The triple meter stuff at the beginning is very well executed and full of interesting ideas. I for one find it significantly more difficult to make precision and creativity happen in the triple meter. 

– Very cool use of double kick stuff early on, instead of the standard chugga-chugga-chugga patterns.

– I could do without the Roland pad melody he plays (drags a bit there), but he’s definitely got some serious limb independence. MENTAL NOTE: A cool idea is sapped of all its coolness if one drags while playing it.

– The jumping thing toward the end is AWESOME. I’m totally gonna rip that off. 

– Personally, I find Aric’s performance to be WAY more entertaining than the winning performance. So why didn’t Aric win? I think it probably comes down to his somewhat shaky feel during groove sections. Carlos sits a little front side in the pocket, but his groove is cleaner and feels better overall.