The Great One. Buddy Rich. Don’t mess with him. He knows what’s up… buuuuuuut… not so much on his explanation of why traditional grip is superior to match grip.

“You can move around the kit better.”

That’s all I hear him saying. Really, Buddy? I can move around the kit better if I use traditional grip? Why though? What about traditional grip let’s you move around the kit better? Oh wait… are you saying that YOU can move around the kit better with traditional grip? Well, sure. Traditional grip is what you use, so I’m not surprised to hear that you’re “better” when you use traditional grip. But why should I use it? Is there something inherently or objectively “better” about the traditional grip?

He never quite gets to that part. In other words, he never actually defends or backs up his statement. He just makes a statement.

Oh well. Nobody’s perfect.