I shot an impromptu lesson video at the Owl City show last night in Akron, OH.


– The sticking in the paradiddle sequence is the same throughout the rotation. It’s just RLRR-LRLL over and over. The thing that changes is which note you accent. That’s all. So don’t go shifting the entire sticking pattern by one beat… that’s a different deal.

– It’s important to keep a steady meter on the 1-6 exercise, but the 4-6 stroke parts are obviously WAY more difficult than the 1-3 parts. So you have varied degrees of difficulty all at the same tempo, which makes keeping the pocket almost the toughest part of the whole thing.

– Huge shout out to Vic Firth for giving me those “Chop-Out” practice pad sticks. They are amazing and totally changed my life, mainly because I don’t have to drag a heavy practice pad around in my backpack anymore.