An awesome dude named Gabe Hagen is gonna sub for me on a dozen or so Owl City shows in the coming months. I was able to get some onstage footage at a show a few weeks ago (with a line in straight from my in-ear mix) to pass along to Gabe for learning the tunes. Below is one of the songs from the drum cam file…


– I was given a ton of creative freedom in deciding what my parts would be in Owl City live performances. It’s an interesting and fun challenge to figure that stuff out because there are a TON of rhythmic elements in the backing tracks. I want my parts have to make a worthwhile contribution to the song as a whole, but I have to be very careful that things don’t get muddy. This tune is one that I’m pretty proud with regard to the challenge of marrying my organic parts with the tracks.

– Apparently I’m not the star of the show as the lighting goes dark on me quite a bit. Hmmmm.

– The Anchorman sample in the middle is from my SPD. 

– Also in the shot is one Daniel Jorgensen on vibes and other instruments. So hot right now.

– The cymbal setup is all Paiste Twenty and Twenty Custom series (16 hats, 20 crashes, 22 ride). The kit is a backline Yamaha Maple Custom because it was a fly date and I couldn’t bring my RD’s, though the snare is my 6.5×14 RD black brass.