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Dawes is a band that wasn’t on my radar until recently. I think I dig their thing, but I know I dig this performance. It’s hard to sound good on tv and these guys nailed it.

The main point behind this post is to acknowledge Griffin Goldsmith on drums and bgv’s, and I want to zero in on his effortless and relaxed demeanor. He’s doing some pretty difficult stuff but he doesn’t care. Again, I want to emphasize that he doesn’t seem to notice that playing a shaker with your right hand while the left hand covers both the hats and snare is supposed to be demanding. And then he sings great background stuff while keeping a locked groove with awesome feel. Does he look like it bothers him to do this? Does it look like he can barely keep it together? Nope. He’s just doing the deal and owning it and looking cool.

I’ll go out on a limb and pontificate a little bit here: good musicians can do difficult stuff. GREAT musicians do difficult stuff but it’s not actually difficult for them anymore which means they don’t get distracted by the difficulty factor and instead just play what the music needs and totally nail it.

I’ve written about this before. Something that you want to perform is either impossible for you to physically accomplish or you should know it so well that it’s easy. There shouldn’t be anything in between. Goldsmith’s drumming in the above video is a a good example.

Yes. Yes I did. I’ve been SLAMMED with work lately for next week’s Go Fish mini-tour and the Sara Bareilles shows following that. It’s a good problem to have, really.

More posts coming soon. Deep ones. HEAVY ones. Like, I am gonna drop some WISDOM up in here.

Or maybe I’ll just post some youtube videos that I like. Which will it be? YOU WILL HAVE TO CHECK BACK TO FIND OUT.

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