I’m somewhat of a late-comer to the I’d Hit That podcast, so many of you probably already know that it rules. But in case you haven’t heard about it… CHECK IT OUT.

I’m listening to the latest episode on Hal Blaine right now. So good. It reminds me of this quote I heard somewhere:

“If you want to learn the insider perspective on the way a musician plays, don’t study their fingers on the instrument during the gig, but rather their demeanor as they interact with their friends or argue with the club owner about getting paid at the end of the night.”

This quote is describing the reality that all of us make art mainly out of the context of our actual lives and our experiences as humans, and not our specific education as musicians. The I’d Hit That interviews really get into that side of things, talking with legendary players about their lives and not just what kind of kick pedal they use.

I’m a fan.