Do you want to watch any more of my miscellaneous drumcam footage? If not, don’t watch the video below.

That tune was one of my favorites to play from this past summer’s LBD tour. The arrangement leans a little more funk than the studio recording, and the pocket between me, Chris (bass), and Misty (keys) was always fun to sit in. A full gear breakdown can be found here, but specifics for this tune include 16″ hats (Paiste 602 ME crash top and Twenty Series med light bottom) and a 5.5×14 Canopus ash snare.

Also, a significant difference between this footage and my previous drumcam vids is the audio source… I didn’t record my in-ear mix this time and instead synced the FOH recording to the GoPro footage. So what you’re hearing is a direct feed of the board mix, which is might sound strange because nobody ever actually hears that. Consider this: the FOH engineer uses the board to send audio signal to the speakers, which then cranks through the room and is accompanied by stage volume, crowd noise, and natural room reverb. The pro in a board mix is the clean and clear sound – the con is the somewhat unnatural presence of the tones compared to the actual live environment. But I’m not complaining. It’s cool to have the board mixes to listen back to and learn from.

And, of course, all hail Bryan Mir, our fearless tour photographer/videographer. He put the GoPro on my rack tom, and captured a ton of other great footage from various shows. Check out his tour documentary montages if you haven’t seen those yet.