Well, the Drum Library is finally live. Check it out.

It’s taken me WAY longer than I hoped, but this drum lesson website I’ve been dreaming up for years is finally alive and kicking. I haven’t announced it on social media yet. You guys, my blog readers from all these years, are the first to know about it.

It feels really strange. I’ve never put my own name on a product other than my private drum lessons or master classes. The artists I’ve worked with always talk about how vulnerable they feel when they release an album. It’s their heart put into their songs and nobody else has to like it, but by releasing it and selling it they are kinda hoping that people WILL like it. I feel the same way. I’m proud of the content and the idea, but maybe nobody else will care! We’ll see. 🙂

Thanks for reading my blog all these years. Check out the new site and see where all this has led.