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Today begins a new series of posts called “Drum Solo Friday.” Pretty self-explanatory. First up is the literal and figurative giant of our time, Abe Laboriel Jr…

Some observations:

– Pretty sure both his ride and the crash above his rack tom are both 24″ cymbals. Awesome. And are they all 2002’s? The main crash looks like a Giant Beat. Also awesome. The list of artists that I really admire who play Paiste is a really long list.

– The solo starts in 7 and switches to 4/4 at 1:45. His phrasing in 7 is super interesting.

– That dbl pedal slaving to a kick drum that’s placed further left than would otherwise be the case is a CRAZY idea. I kinda wish I had thought of that first. 🙂

– His toms sound SO good. The internet tells me that they are 15/18/20 (like my old orange RD’s), but the 18 is usually placed off to the left of the hihats and isn’t present in this vid. My guess is these toms are 15 and 18, but the rack even kinda looks like a 14. Whatever. The kick, however… is a twenty EIGHT. Yes. 28″. Good grief.

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