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To all my blog readers… so sorry about the lack of content lately. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, blogging has unfortunately found itself at the bottom of this summer’s priority list. Such is life.

However, in the meantime, I give you the winning performance from this afternoon’s air-drumming contest at the Goold house…

At my house we use the Macbook to do “silly pictures” all the time.  Here’s the latest from my girls.

Today is a day when our culture brings makes specific mention of what we’re thankful for.  8 years ago there were no girls with the last name Goold. Now there are THREE. Let it be known that I am so thankful for them.


My wife gave birth to our second daughter yesterday morning (10/29/09).  She was born at 3:53am and weighed in at 8lbs, 3oz. We’re calling her “Suzy” for short (her middle name is my Grandmother’s nickname).  She’s asleep next to me on the bed with Kristyn right now.  Pretty great.

The whole process was amazingly easy for my wife Kristyn, which we’re both really thankful for.  We arrived at the hospital at 11:45pm on 10/28/09, got checked in, and right away the nurse confirmed that Kristyn was ready to give birth.  She was pretty far along in her labor at that point, so her contractions were getting real bad.  We were thankful to get an epidural right away, which made the rest of the birth very easy on Kristyn, pain-wise.  Our friend Karin Heitzman was with us the whole time in the birth room.  She’s a great photographer and it was really nice to have someone there to capture the moments with high-quality photos.  I also had my Flip camcorder and got a ton of footage.

Suzy was born just before 4am, and we spent the rest of the day enjoying time with her and getting visits from family members.  The only real bummer in the situation was the strict visitation rules, which had been recently revised due to all the flu stuff.  The policy doesn’t allow children under 5 years old in the hospital at all, which unfortunately meant that Betty (our other daughter) couldn’t see her new baby sister.  I slept at home with Betty last night, and when I got home we did a video chat with Kristyn and Suzy at the hospital.  My sister-in-law was there to snap a picture of Betty’s reaction to first seeing Suzy…


I had to do a clinic down at McNally School of Music this morning (10/30), but I got back to the hospital around 2pm, and we’ve spent the day enjoying visits from friends.  Here’s a picture from “awake time” this afternoon…


We’re really thankful for Suzy and all the support and encouragement from everyone.  I’m sure I’ll post additional pictures and videos at the Goold “family blog” over the next few weeks and months, so check that out if you want to.

Here’s a short video I put together of Suzy’s first day on earth…

A while ago I posted this video of my daughter Betty reciting the books of the Old Testament.  My buddy Bryan linked to it from his blog and everybody who cared to watch it got a good laugh.  Let’s face it – my daughter is super cute.

So now we have the video below, made by the brothers Ankrum (who I play music with on a regular basis).  They both know Betty real well… and they’ve apparently seen her Old Testament video a few times…

I have a wife of six years named Kristyn, and we have a 3-year-old named Betty.  Man, those girls are something else.

Last weekend I was playing a gig in NYC with my friend Mark L. Johnson.  The two of us flew out there on Friday and back on Saturday.  Betty and I made a video for Mark the night before we left since it had been a while since Mark had seen her.

I’m obviously biased… but Betty has to at least be in the running for cutest kid ever.  I mean, c’mon…

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