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Last year I began a series of posts revisiting some of my older blog content, and for this week’s installment I’m combining that idea with my usual annual highlight reel. These are my favorite topics and discussions and posts from 2013…

A recap and commentary on Steve Jordan’s rad Memphis Drum Shop webcast clinic

Part 2 of my posts on kick drum technique

Reflections on the idea that drummers should play “melodies”

Descriptions and examples of my song-charting process

The intersection of music and commerce: “You Cannot Serve Both Music And Money”

Drumcam footage from Sara Bareilles and Owl City, as well as a rudiment warmup video

Tackling difficult patterns and challenges: “It Should Be Easy”

A pdf of my Drumhead Magazine feature

An incredible series of in-studio videos from session legend Dan Needham


Here are my favorite topics/rants/etc from last year’s posts. Check them out if you want to grow as a drummer/musician, get smarter in general, become better-looking, and get closer to being an absolutely perfect person.

Anything That Isn’t Impossible Should Be Easy
Jens Hannemann
Tone is the DEAL
Metal Drumming Geek-Out
Nashville Drummers Project
Septuplets and Quints (and be sure to check out the John Hammond fill explanation)
Epic Tony Williams Video
TED: Classical Music and Enthusiasm
Session Kick Sounds, by Seth Earnest
The Rudiment Ritual
Seth Earnest on DAWs
Vic Firth CT1

Well, the hit counter continues to work its way up.  Thanks again to all who pay attention to this blog!  It’s a fun way for me to geek out. I plan on really hitting it hard over the coming months. I have a serious pile of drafts and all I need to do is just post them, so I’ll try to do one a day for a while.

For starters, here’s the wrap-up for 2010’s posts that matter… or at least I enjoyed writing them slash people seemed to enjoy reading them.  I think the “Pavement Sucks” posts got the most comments of anything I’ve written so far.

The Instrumental Pursuit
Glo Kit Q&A
Food For The Beloved Interview
“Uploading” Gigs
Transcribing (and Transcribing, pt 2)
Pavement Sucks (and Pavement Sucks, pt 2)
Good Gear = Gigs
Suzy Goold vs. Chris McHugh
Music Terminology: “Pocket”
Clinic Video

I’ve had the blog for almost two years now. Nice.

I post a lot of random crap, so here’s a short medium list of the more worthwhile topics from last year…

2nd half of the Video Lesson Series
Studio Interview Series
The Playbook
Are lyrics “music”?
What Is Pop?
Drummer Disease
Snare hand: “butt-side”
Bonham’s “Rock And Roll” intro fill
John Petrucci
ATTN: Steve Jordan fans…
“This is too difficult”
Genre-ism (music racism)
The Halls Of Creativity
How To Listen To Jazz
“Drummers Are Musicians Too”
The “Music Business”
This Is It
Good Songwriting
Artistic Success

PS… I did this kinda fast just now, so let me know if any of the links don’t work.

I’ve got a busy week this week… probably not going to blog much. I’m just saying.

On a somewhat related note, my wordpress hit count is rapidly approaching twenty thousand, which is really cool. Noteworthy in that total is the fact that I’ve had the blog for just over a year, but the far majority of the hits have come since only February ’09.  In the early days I used to actually write more… about drum lessons and other music musings.  I still try to write from time to time, but let’s face it: I blew all my good material back when nobody read my blog and now all I can do is post random Youtube videos and “mews.”

Anyway, because of my slammed schedule this week, and in anticipation of the 20-K mark, I thought I’d throw out a few links to the yesteryear of this site, so the noobs can see how far downhill the posts have gotten…

Snare Tone (and Snare Tone Pt. 2)
Some Thoughts On Listening
Mistakes and Screw-ups
Too Many Cymbals
Why I Don’y Play Double Kick
Multiple Personalities
Make Sure You SOUND GOOD
Hit the Drums in the Center
Practicing (and Practicing, Pt. 2)
Counting (and Counting, Pt. 2)
Getting Gigs
The Subconscious List
Less Is More
Free Jazz
Consistent Fills?
Surgery vs. Basketball
Improvising: The Creative Process

PS.  In going over older posts, I came across this post about my top 5 jazz drummers.  I evidently forgot about this post when I wrote the exact same thing last week.  But… it wasn’t exactly the same thing… because I swapped Jack DeJohnette for Joey Baron.  Hmmm.

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