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My 5×14 Canopus Ash in all it’s glory

Modern Drummer has a great review this month on the Canopus Ash series, which is the model of snare I got last month in Japan. My review: LEGIT.

Recently, through a series of incredible coincidences (stemming from my visit to that Osaka music store), I got in touch with the Japanese drum manufacturer Canopus (pronounced “CAN-ups”), whose beautiful snare drums I used to drool over in Modern Drummer magazines when I was a kid.

The company’s artist relations rep came to my gig in Tokyo last night, and he graciously brought me this incredible ash shell drum. It sounds killer, with a timbre unlike any other snare in my roster. I used it for the whole show last night and it worked great both as a cranked up rocker and a muffled fatcake. I’m super pumped to add it to my lineup and can’t wait to get it into the studio.

Make no mistake… Risen Drums has my allegiance. But Canopus makes a great-sounding and easy-on-the-eyes snare drum, and the company has offered to cover my Europe/Asia backline needs. I’m very grateful to have begun a relationship with these guys and I couldn’t be happier with this snare.

In Tokyo with Takushi Okuyama (goes by “Taxi”) from Canopus.

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