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Apparently D’Angelo is back in action. This is good news, because his most recent album (now 12+ years old) is easily in my top ten albums of ALL TIME.

Be sure to watch the videos in the link above. Pino on bass, Chris Dave on drums… and D’Angelo has some pretty sick moves. Although, I’m not sure I’m feeling the more aggressive tempos on the tunes…


D’Angelo’s second record, Voodoo, is one of the best records that I own. It’s destined for Album of the Week at some point. Just not this time. This week I’m planning on featuring a Frank Sinatra record that I’ve been listening to lately… but I’ll probably write a post about that tomorrow or the next day because I’m pretty tired tonight.

So for now, back to D’Angelo. Feast your eyes and ears on this live performance from the Chris Rock show that I just found. It’s a single off of Voodoo, and features Questlove on drums and Pino Palladino on bass. Killing.

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