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This is the opening tune from Peter Gabriel’s Secret World Live DVD, which I’ve owned for many years but revisited yesterday because a conversation with a friend reminded me how genius it is.  Holy cow.  The show is so theatrical and artistic, the players are so spot on, and the production is incredible, especially for 1993.  I love it.

And then there’s the clinic that Manu Katche is putting on.  His playing is of course mature and precise, but also totally inspiring and creative… everything you want.  I specifically like the marriage of the live drums and tracks, as I do more and more programming gigs these days.  Note how much of the groove’s foundation is in the track on this particular tune, instead of him playing it live.  The halftime backbeat in the sequencing means he’s freed up to do the tribal thing and almost take on an aux-perc kind of role.  I also love the snare on “e of 2” on the choruses – that’s a really unique idea but it just totally fits.

Oh, and I guess his solo breaks are pretty cool too.  Sheesh.

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