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I’m at Masters Studio all day today. This studio used to be called Flyte Tyme, and was owned by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Michael Jackson recorded the single “Scream” here, and Janet Jackson recorded most of her records here.

It feels weird to walk these halls after the events of last week. The mono overhead mic is the same one used for MJ’s vocals.

I’m in the new Masters Studios today, doing some tracks for a friend of mine named Jason Miller. Masters is “new” in the sense that it’s recently changed ownership. Formerly known as Flyte Tyme and owned/operated by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, it’s now owned by the great Tom Tucker, who moved on from IPR to start a new recording school here.

This facility is incredible. They’ve got 5 super nice studios, a lot of classroom and office space, a very pro rehearsal studio, and some great lounge/kitchen spaces. A ton of major pop records were done here over the last couple decades: Janet Jackson, Usher, Boys II Men, TLC, Mary J. Blige… just to name a few. Actually, the mono room mic on my kit right now was the vocal mic used by Janet and Michael Jackson in that duet from the 90’s they did called “Scream.” Needless to say I’m feeling pretty cool to be tracking in here today.

UPDATE:  I just did the first track.  I didn’t know what the stuff was going to be for today, and it turned out to be an Indian pop artist named Shaqib, who I am told is kind of a big deal in Bangladesh.  All the vocals for the tune were in Bengali!  That’s new to me… for sure.

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