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If you’ve ever said that then you need to listen to this track, and then note that the light drum machine in the background means that the song was recorded to a click. Mayer and company are dripping with groove, and it’s all within the “confines” of the “perfect” time feel that comes along with playing to a metronome or loop.

I was curious about this when I first heard it, because the performance feels so “loose” and “greasy”… things usually obtained by playing without a grid. I was so curious, in fact, ┬áthat I messaged Aaron Sterling earlier tonight about it. He vouched as to how the song was recorded…

Twitter is awesome.

Twitter is awesome.

Listen, here’s the deal (according to me): Playing to a click makes the music feel cold and rigid… IF… the musicians don’t know how to play to a click. That’s the end of it. Guys like Sterling can make a pocket like the one on Call Me the Breeze feel as loose and greasy as they want to, and it’s got nothing to do with using a click vs not using one. Rather, it’s an issue of musicianship, understanding of groove, and competency on the instrument.

Today’s lesson in super killing pocket is brought to you by a young Steve Jordan and his shuffle groove…

Note the quarters only on the ride, and the ILL snare tone.

Today’s lesson in deep and infectious pocket brought to you by Tommy Sims’ bass playing…

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