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Stevie Wonder has of course always been a bomb performer, but he’s also not a bad drummer.  He allegedly played the drums tracks on a few of his big singles (the famous Superstition groove, for instance).  This is some really rare footage of his early years as a band leader, sitting in on the drums.  You’ll notice that he’s a little bit of a hack, but his feel is great.

The super cool thing in this footage is the killer fill back into the full band section after his solo (1:14), and he counts off the band at the same time!

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Guess what?  It turns out T-Pain isn’t the one who made the talk box cool…

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Dave Barnes posted this link on Twitter the other night.  It’s some old school Stevie Wonder, recorded live in London, 1974.  The grooves on these tracks are so slamming, although some of the tempos get a little wayward (it turns out the 70’s didn’t have the love affair with a metronome that pop music has now).

Especially noteworthy is the 7-min drum solo in the very first song (which itself exceeds 15 minutes).  The solo ideas meanders here and there, but at one point you can hear the drummer singing along with himself as if his vocal is the centerpiece.

What I’m saying is that it’s cool and you should go listen to it.

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