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I’ve spent the last few hours learning some Tower Of Power tunes for a corporate party cover band gig. Man… TOP rules so hard. Like, the REAL DEAL soul/funk/r&b. Love it. David Garibaldi has the ghost note thing happening like no other. I can’t say that Garibaldi’s playing has ever had much influence on me, but I’ve really enjoyed digging into this music to learn his parts. Check out this video of them playing their big single “What is Hip,” straight from 1973. Be sure and watch the tenor player in the white suit…

AND… as a bonus… here’s a video of the great Dennis Chambers sitting in for Garibaldi on a recent TOP date. I guess Garibaldi was unavailable or something, so Chambers is just subbing. Chambers is another drummer that I can’t say I’ve listened to a whole lot, but he shreds some pretty wicked chops in this tune…


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