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A while ago I posted this video of my daughter Betty reciting the books of the Old Testament.  My buddy Bryan linked to it from his blog and everybody who cared to watch it got a good laugh.  Let’s face it – my daughter is super cute.

So now we have the video below, made by the brothers Ankrum (who I play music with on a regular basis).  They both know Betty real well… and they’ve apparently seen her Old Testament video a few times…

I spent the afternoon tracking some tunes for my friend Joel Hanson at his studio in Rogers, MN. The very boss Aaron Ankrum was engineering. Joel and Aaron have a producing partnership called Underdub Productions.

I love being in the studio. It is literally my favorite thing to do. I love the pressure, the creative environment, the attention to detail… and I am always amazed at the way those things feed into each other to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts.

Anyway, the real subject of this post is the fact that Joel’s studio is located in the basement of his home in suburbia. “Home studios” are 100 times more common all of a sudden, thanks to the recent technological advancements in digital music and software-based recording. The entire recording industry has been turned on it’s head since 1999, when the first home-friendly version of Pro Tools was released. Because of this, we now find multi-million dollar studios (like Pachyderm or The Terrarium) scraping for business while home systems (sometimes pieced together for as low as $15,000) are busy making records that sound arguably as good as the majors. It’s crazy.

So I was thinking about that today as I tracked tunes in Joel’s basement while watching our kids through the sliding-glass door as they played in a blow-up pool in the backyard. What will happen in the next ten years? I honestly can’t even imagine.

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