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At my house we use the Macbook to do “silly pictures” all the time.  Here’s the latest from my girls.

Today is a day when our culture brings makes specific mention of what we’re thankful for.  8 years ago there were no girls with the last name Goold. Now there are THREE. Let it be known that I am so thankful for them.

A while ago I posted this video of my daughter Betty reciting the books of the Old Testament.  My buddy Bryan linked to it from his blog and everybody who cared to watch it got a good laugh.  Let’s face it – my daughter is super cute.

So now we have the video below, made by the brothers Ankrum (who I play music with on a regular basis).  They both know Betty real well… and they’ve apparently seen her Old Testament video a few times…

I have a wife of six years named Kristyn, and we have a 3-year-old named Betty.  Man, those girls are something else.

Last weekend I was playing a gig in NYC with my friend Mark L. Johnson.  The two of us flew out there on Friday and back on Saturday.  Betty and I made a video for Mark the night before we left since it had been a while since Mark had seen her.

I’m obviously biased… but Betty has to at least be in the running for cutest kid ever.  I mean, c’mon…

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