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If someone were to ask me what I’ve been listening to lately (not that anybody has), this is what I would tell them…

1) Bjork – Telegram …a bunch of remixes from Bjork’s 1995 release “Post.”

2) Bob Marley – Greatest Hits …Reggae is where feel lives.

3) Zakir Hussain – Magical Moments of Rhythm …live record from the single most respected tabla player in the world.

4) Wilco – Sky Blue Sky …the latest album from the alt-country kings.

5) Suzanne Vega – Nine Objects Of Desire …1996 release from a folk-ish singer/songwriter with vibe to spare.

6) Phoenix – Alphabetical …French rock-synth power pop.

7) Orlando Cachaito Lopez – Cachaito …the renowned Buena Vista Social Club bassist’s solo record.

That’s all for now. I’ll try to post listening stuff like this once a week or so.

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