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Recent music news…

– Rapper Lil Wayne will begin serving his prison sentence on gun charges as soon as he completes his court date, which was canceled a few weeks ago due to an emergency dental procedure (8 root canals!), and then canceled again because of a fire in the courthouse, of all things. Obviously trying to maximize his dwindling time as a free citizen, Wayne shot 9 music videos in 48 hours last weekend.  MTV

– The Black Eyed Peas have now become the first “duo or group” to have three #1 singles off the same record since Wilson Phillips accomplished the same thing 19 years ago.  A UFC match between Carnie Wilson and Fergie is the logical next step if you ask me.  Billboard

– Prince debuted a new tune on Minnesota’s 89.3 The Current last week, giving a nod to the Twin Cities music scene and independent radio.  The tune, “Cause And Effect,” has a good chance of being cooler than the Vikings fight song he recently wrote.   Rolling Stone

– Last week a young girl named Cody landed a youtube viral video jackpot with emotional performance of her love for Disney’s Justin Beiber.  Beiber returned the favor by surprising the girl on the Jimmy Kimmel show.   Billboard

– Coldplay has announced a new record – their second album produced by Brian Eno, which is slated to hit stores by Christmas ’10.  The band is currently on tour in South America, but have already begun work on the record in a brand new London studio (rumored to be a converted church).  MTV

Been thinking this week about how, historically speaking, artists are normally slightly ahead of their audiences. In this way the artists themselves are always the ones responsible for the “progress” in the medium. Technology is driven by the market, Sports are driven by the competition, Politics are driven by the culture… but Art is driven by the artists, often to the dismay of the market/competition/culture. In this way Art plays a huge role in forming/influencing the future.

Sorry for being overly deep. I’m just really impressed with artists that take chances and intentionally move away from the comfort zone that brought them their success – pushing themselves into new areas that don’t necessarily promise the same results. Case in point: this cool interview with Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois about the making of U2’s The Unforgettable Fire.

10/25/09 UPDATE: I’m watching the Youtube live broadcast of U2’s Rose Bowl show.  I am really struck right now with how HUGE this band’s footprint is on music/culture.  It’s hard to believe one band can accomplish so much.

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