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Recent music news…

– Rapper Lil Wayne will begin serving his prison sentence on gun charges as soon as he completes his court date, which was canceled a few weeks ago due to an emergency dental procedure (8 root canals!), and then canceled again because of a fire in the courthouse, of all things. Obviously trying to maximize his dwindling time as a free citizen, Wayne shot 9 music videos in 48 hours last weekend.  MTV

– The Black Eyed Peas have now become the first “duo or group” to have three #1 singles off the same record since Wilson Phillips accomplished the same thing 19 years ago.  A UFC match between Carnie Wilson and Fergie is the logical next step if you ask me.  Billboard

– Prince debuted a new tune on Minnesota’s 89.3 The Current last week, giving a nod to the Twin Cities music scene and independent radio.  The tune, “Cause And Effect,” has a good chance of being cooler than the Vikings fight song he recently wrote.   Rolling Stone

– Last week a young girl named Cody landed a youtube viral video jackpot with emotional performance of her love for Disney’s Justin Beiber.  Beiber returned the favor by surprising the girl on the Jimmy Kimmel show.   Billboard

– Coldplay has announced a new record – their second album produced by Brian Eno, which is slated to hit stores by Christmas ’10.  The band is currently on tour in South America, but have already begun work on the record in a brand new London studio (rumored to be a converted church).  MTV

Interesting music news this week…

This Is It, the documentary of the prep/rehearsals for the late Michael Jackson’s London concert series, will be hitting theaters on October 28.  You can view the trailer here.  A double-disc soundtrack for the film will be released on October 27, and will contain a previously unreleased MJ single also called “This Is It.”  Billboard

– NYC’s Knitting Factory Records is set to release the full 45-album catalog of Nigerian Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti for the first time ever in North America.  Kuti was the main influence in African political liberation art, and his music has always been difficult to find in the US.  The release also coincides with the Broadway debut of a Jay-Z and Will Smith funded musical about Kuti’s life and art.  Pitchfork

– Kids Company, a London charity for convicted minors and “disadvantaged youth,” just received a donation to the tune of 1.5 million dollars from Coldplay.  The band was apparently very moved by the efforts of the organization and stories of their impact.  The band members have even agreed to give music lessons to the Kids Company children.  Regardless of how you feel about Coldplay’s music, you have to dig the walking and not just talking.  NME

– The word is that Justin Timberlake has been cast in the lead role in a film about Facebook called The Social Network.  Timberlake will play Sean Parker, co-founder of Napster and FB’s first President.  Production for the film begins next month.  Allmusic Blog

– Yesterday was Bruce Springsteen’s 60th birthday.  My dad also turned 60 not too long ago, but Steve Sr. has never had a sliding collision with a Super Bowl Halftime Show stage camera.  Rollingstone

– Rapper Eminem is headed to court against the tech giant Apple Inc in a dispute over download permission on iTunes, despite three separate attempts to broker a settlement between the two parties.  Billboard

Music news for the week…

– Of course everybody knows about what Kanye West did on Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards show, but maybe some of you haven’t seen his apology from Monday’s Leno show.  Rolling Stone

– Coldplay has settled their lawsuit with guitarist Joe Satriani, citing “under stipulation.”  Legal sources for both parties say that the agreement contains a “financial settlement.”  Billboard

– The Californian cult-indie band Pavement is reuniting… or at least they are scheduled to perform at Central Park Summerstage in Sept of 2010, which will be their first show since there official goodbye in 1999. Brooklyn Vegan

– Bobby Graham, a very prolific and respected British session player from the 60’s, passed away on Monday.  Graham played on over 15,000 tracks and was allegedly on the short list for replacing Pete Best in the Beatles before Ringo joined.  NME

– U2 is reissuing their 1984 record, “The Unforgettable Fire,” which is due out October 27 of this year.  There are apparently multiple versions of the reissue, which will include anything from B-sides and alternate mixes to never-before released tracks.  Billboard

In this recent interview from, Chris Martin sounds off about how awesome Bruce Springsteen is, the recent lawsuits against his band, and other misc what-have-you’s.  It’s worth the read, and then you should watch this video and try to not get pumped up about being a musician…

Music news for the week…

– It appears that Radiohead’s managers advised the band to end their career after their contract with Capitol Records expired.  I mean, wow.  I imagine the conversation went something like this: “Hey guys, you’re producing incredibly creative and groundbreaking music time and time again… but now that you aren’t owned by a huge corporation anymore… well, I don’t know what to do… I guess you should just call it quits.” Unbelievable.

– Believe it or not, the US Department of Homeland Security produced a handful of pop records in Spanish and recently distributed them to Central American radio stations.  The albums contain songs that “warn of the danger of illegally crossing the US/Mexican border.”  Although the musicians on the project have remained anonymous, I think we all know that Toby Keith had at least something to do with it.

– In other US Government music news, the State Department has unveiled a new program called Musical Overtures, which sends musicians into the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan.  The initiative intends to utilize the “universal” elements of music in an attempt to bridge cultures and improve relations.

– It’s only been two weeks since Joe Striani filed a suit against Coldplay for musical plagiarism against him in their song “Viva La Vida.” Now, all of a sudden, Cat Stevens is doing the same thing.  Meanwhile, Coldplay has announced a free live album, released digitally on the band’s website on May 15. and

– The median age for viewers of this season’s American Idol episodes is 43, a solid ten years higher than the shows previous seasons.  Go figure.

– Editorial item:  We’re doing a cover of Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” at the Jesse Langseth gig next week.  We found the version on a cool Ike and Tina Turner album called Funkier Than A Mosquito’s Tweeter.  Aside from being the best album title ever, Ike and Tina’s version of the song is arguably superior to Zep’s (gasp).

I know I posted the new video lesson only a few hours ago, but I came across this video just now and I couldn’t resist.  I already liked Coldplay a lot, but now I like them even more. How long has this video been out? Man, I love it.

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