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Dave Holland, a living legend of the upright bass, was quoted yesterday on Twitter by music journalist Andrew Dubber during a clinic he was giving in Holland.  This was Dubber’s tweet:

Dave Holland on his dislike for click tracks: “Music is not metronomic. Music breathes. Time breathes.”

Holland then clarified in a tweet response to Dubber:

Quote about not using click trks only referred to music that needs a flexibility of feel. I am not against it in general

Important to note here is the blanket use of the term “music” in Holland’s initial quote.  At this point in the multi-genre world of modern music, it’s almost impossible to say anything about “music” generally.  Clarifications such as Holland’s reference to “music that needs flexibility of feel” are necessary more often than not.

In related news, Twitter is getting cooler and cooler.

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