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I must confess that I just watched, back to back, these three videos chronicling Dream Theater’s auditioning for a new drummer… and I totally loved it. Their music has never really INSPIRED me the way the artists that I regularly reference have, but it’s still completely mind-blowing what some of these metal guys can do.

Another super interesting aspect of this footage is the inside look on how a band at this level goes about choosing a replacement drummer.  A really important concept is Dream Theater’s effort to make sure that the new guy can do more than just play the current songs.  This reality permeates all of the music world: that successful musicians need to be not only competent players, but also creative, sharp/quick… and be a nice guy on top of it.

Sit back and be a nerd for a while, and click here for the 3rd episode where they reveal who got the gig (released and announced TODAY)…

click here for Episode 1

PS… I read online just now that Portnoy actually back-pedaled a few months ago and tried to reunite with the band, but they had apparently already begun their work on the new album and are forging ahead without him.  I mean, who cares… not me.  Still, what a cool documentary for drum geeks.

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