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“Razor Grass” is the new name for Joel Hanson’s basement studio, because his lawn is so freaking prickly. I’m here again today finishing up the tracks for Joel’s new record, which is due out February-ish. I think this record is going to totally rule, but I’m obviously biased. We’ll see if I am right.

I’m using some “custom Steve Goold creation” hihats on this track we’re doing right now. It’s a crappy Pacific beginner 16″ crash cymbal on the bottom, and an old cracked Paiste Signature Power Crash on the top. Liberal use of hockey tape. Super papery. Man, I love it when you find the right tone for the song. These hats probably wouldn’t work for most tunes, but they are giving me so much inspiration right now.

After long last… the seventh installment of the Risen Drums Video Lesson Series is here. Sorry this one took so long. Hopefully the next few episodes will arrive at the scheduled “bi-weekly” rate.

This lesson is about technique. I don’t usually like to teach about technique, because there are so many different perspectives out there, and many great players to stand behind each technique idea. But, this particular technique is one that I’m very fond of and I think it’s almost universally acknowledged as the superior method.


Episode 6 of the Risen Drums Video Lesson Series is here. Check it out…

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