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SoundCheck Nashville, a massive rehearsal/storage space for major artists and touring acts in Nashville, was one of the many victims in the record-breaking flood from a few weeks ago. My friend Tyler, for example, lost a substantial amount of gear because it was stored at SoundCheck.

The folks at SoundCheck are still working hard to clean everything up. Check out these photos I found today…

This last pic shows a bunch of Mutemath’s equipment that is now ruined.  Remember those lights down in the lower left corner?

HT: Paul Mabury

Is anyone surprised that the new Mutemath video totally rules?

To be fair, it’s not really “new.”  I think it was released back in April… but it still rules.  Their new record, Armistice, is due out next Tuesday, August 18th.  You should probably buy it.

HT: Clayton

I didn’t have time to edit down the SIS interview for this week, so instead I’ve got a Rock Band interview with the slammingly creative indie rockers, MuteMath.

That’s right… Rock Band. The video game has a website, and the website has a “magazine” section, and I found this interview there – which is actually a really great read. The band is currently completing their second full-length album, and they share lots of good stuff regarding the studio relationship between artists and producers. There’s also some interesting song-writer talk, if you’re into that sort of thing. Check it out.

btw… if you’ve never seen MuteMath’s off-the-charts cool video for “Typical” (the single off their previous record), then you should really check that out too.

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