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Now that Summer is officially over, I’m back from my spell of blog laziness, and starting things off with more music news (aka “Mews”)…

– Peter Jager, a German spider expert, recently discovered a new species of arachnid found mostly in Malaysia. Apparently a glam-rock fan, Jager chose to name the rare spider “Heteropoda davidbowie.” No joke.

– Michael Jackson’s body was officially laid to rest this past weekend at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles.  With recent news of his death being a homicide, it’s safe to say that Jackson’s passing is officially the biggest media event, music or otherwise, of ’09.  NYTimes

– On the eve of the release of The Beatles Rock Band game, Bill Wyman (former Rolling Stones bassist) went on the record with some negative words about the popular video game. “It makes less and less people dedicated to really get down and learn an instrument,” said Wyman.  Of Rock Band’s popularity, Wyman stated, “I think it’s a pity.”  NME

– Madonna, upon finishing her recent 85-show world tour, has landed the title of highest-grossing tour EVER by a solo act.  $408 million grossed, more than 3.5 million tickets sold, and 32 countries hit.  Meanwhile, U2 is also neck-deep in a huge tour, and personally, I would probably have more fun at one of U2 show.  I’m just saying.

– The new Pearl Jam record is apparently somewhat of a return to the old-school Pearl Jam.  Read an interview with front man Eddie Vedder and guitarist Stone Gossard

This week in “Mews”…

– Radiohead has begun work on a new album.  Colin Greenwood: “It’s at the stage where we’ve got the big Lego box out, and we’ve tipped it on the floor, and we’re just looking at the bits and wondering what to build.” Nigel Godrich is once again in the production chair.   BBC

– A remix album of the new Depeche Mode record is in the works, but Sigur Ros and MGMT (artists not known for “remixing” anything) are among those tackling the tracks.  Might be more of a cover/tribute album?

– The new Frank Sinatra biopic will be directed by Martin Scorsese.  Sinatra + Scorsese = rad.  NPR

– Jeff Ament (Pearl Jam’s bassist) was assaulted and robbed a few weeks ago outside the Atlanta studio where the band is working on their 9th album.  Apparently the thieves made off with over $3,000 in cash.  (The obvious question at this point: “um, who carries that much cash?”)  Meanwhile, Pearl Jam has been booked for the debut of the new Conan O’Brien show on June 1st.

– The Rock Band people are working on a country version of the video game, to be released this summer.  The new game will no doubt contain heavy doses of patriotism, instrumental parts that require immense precision to perform, and be relentlessly mocked by fans of every other kind of music.

– Editorial: A band I really love, The Posies, have reunited and are playing two NYC shows in a few weeks.  The shows are rumored to include a performance of their amazing 1993 release, Frosting On The Beater, from top to bottom.

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