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Thanks to everyone who came out for the Jason Harms Quintet gig at Bethel last night. I very much enjoyed the performance and the atmosphere surrounding it.

The new record, The Land Of The Fear Of Men, is now available for no charge at Head over there and get yourself a copy. But, in going the download route, you’ll miss out on all the incredible liner note artwork done by Adrian Johnston. The full series of the work used on the record has been compiled in an 80-page book, which you can preview or purchase at Adrian’s website. Be sure and check that out, but in the meantime, here’s some snipets from the series, beginning with The Land of the Fear Men liner insert…


Jason and Adrian took a “Tolkien meets Bunyan” approach with this map of the fictitious “Land.” It represents the place where we all often go, when we are thinking too much about the opinions of others, and letting those thoughts drive our actions in a wrong direction.


A depiction of man’s struggle in life, and the sorrow that sometimes feels crushing…


This dude is deciding to set out into the “Land”… thinking that it’s going to benefit him. “There is no armor in the Land, only chains.”

PS. I just put up the opening track from Land of the Fear on my myspace page, as well as one of the tracks from the recent Westwood Church album by Joel Hanson. Joel’s working on a solo record right now, but we play every Sunday night at Westwood and they opted to have us record an album of their favorite worship tunes that we play each week.


Last June I spent a week at Pachyderm Studios recording a new record for my friend Jason Harms. The album is now complete, and we will be performing the music in a concert at Bethel University this Tuesday (12/9). The album, titled The Land Of The Fear Of Men, will be available in hard copies with full-color art and print.

The cd-release performance will be at the Benson Great Hall on Bethel’s Roseville campus, and we will probably get going around 7:30pm. The music is very powerful, and the event is free… so just show up and enjoy!

Check out Jason’s website to learn more about the record.

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