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This blog exists because I’m the kind of guy who thinks a lot about stuff – perhaps even overthinks about stuff – and my friends and family will attest to this.  Putting my thoughts into typed words helps me to organize them and better articulate them to myself, and so the blog serves that purpose well.

While my instrument (and music generally) is my professional and artistic passion, it’s not the only thing I think about. I often spend time thinking on politics, pragmatic philosophy, and theology – with the majority of the pondering revolving around the latter.  In fact, my undergrad degree from Bethel University wasn’t in music, but in Biblical & Theological Studies.  I chose to pursue music as a career, but I still do quite a bit of reading in the theology arena, and maybe someday I’ll start a different blog on that topic.

Anyway, this is where my buddy Bryan McWhite comes in (my pen pal from the How To Listen To Jazz series).  Bryan is a pastor in the Twin Cities area, and a deep thinker.  His blog, The Weight Of Glory, is a usual stop for me in reading and thinking about theology.  He’s thoughtful, clear, concise, and quite knowledgeable.  His posts always challenge my thinking and prompt me to wrestle with issues and factors that I had not previously considered.  Anyone who is at all interested in Christian Theology will enjoy reading TWOG.

Disclaimer: The somewhat random nature of this shout-out for Bryan is due to the contest that TWOG is currently having.  If I send an email to a friend about Bryan’s blog, then I get myself an entry in a book give-away that he’s doing.  Hey Bryan, I’ve been averaging about 900 hits a day lately – this has to count for something, right?

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