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The unveiling of the Modern 602 Essentials at Paiste's NAMM booth this week

The unveiling of the Modern 602 Essentials at Paiste’s NAMM booth this week

Paiste’s Formula 602 series cymbals have been long sought-after by vintage cymbal collector’s and cymbalholics. The older models have a brighter sound than I usually prefer, but the ones I’ve heard are still super cool sounding. A few years back Paiste began reissuing these cymbals, and even expanded the line to include a 20″ crash and a 24″ ride. This seemed interesting to me and I started to figure out how I could perhaps sell some gear and order a few of them.

But now… now Paiste has me totally backed into a corner with their new Modern 602 Essentials line. I simply MUST get some of these and soon. These cymbals were specifically designed for the legendary Vinnie Colaiuta (a former Zildjian endorser who recently switched to Paiste, a really big deal in itself). Apparently the Modern 602’s are darker and washier than the standard 602 reissues, which is exactly what I want. Look for a set of 16″ crashes (as hats) and a 22″ ride appearing in my rig shortly.

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