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Well… there’s a slight situation in the Risen Drums Video Lesson Series. So far, the latest episode has always been hosted at, the RD online home-base. However, due to the heavy video lesson traffic, the site is bogging down and they’re needing to rearrange the bandwidth situation. I think that’s probably a good thing, so thanks to everybody who’s been checking out the video lessons! However, for the time being, ALL the lessons will be hosted on youtube. This includes the new lesson for this week, Episode 5: Linear Drumming.

So, without further delay…

The forthcoming episodes will continue to be released on youtube for now. Watch for Episode 6 in a few weeks.

Last night I found some RAD videos of Tony Williams playing with the best band ever… the Miles Davis 60’s quintet (Miles, Tony, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Ron Carter). Check this stuff out – you will love it. Seriously… thank goodness for Youtube. Live footage of this band is rare, and now because of Youtube we can just click and watch.

Tony was seventeen when he joined Miles’ band in 1962. Yep… seventeen. Miles was an international Jazz superstar at that point, and the drum chair in his band was the most coveted gig in the entire Jazz world (which was the center of the popular music world at the time). 17-year-old Tony took the gig and proceeded to play some of the most ground-breaking and inspiring music in the history of the drumset.

Watch these videos. Watch his ride cymbal. Watch his calm but powerful energy. Watch his control. And… seventeen years old.

Dang it.

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