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Sometimes you have to rock some faces. Other times (and these other times are MANY) you need to medium or soft rock some faces. Lots of great stuff about that in this article. Absorb and learn… I did.

Ok… for those of you attending this Saturday’s The Drumset and the Kingdom gathering at Bethel, here are some details you’ll want to know…

We will get the day rolling promptly at 10am. Look for doors opening around 9:30. Seating is open, so get there early if you want a particular spot.

Arrival and check-in:
Bethel’s campus is technically located in Arden Hills, and the best bet would be to enter the campus through the east gate off of Old STH 10. Park in the lot on your right after you past the guard shack, across from the lake. The Underground is on the lower level of the Brushaber Commons building, which is marked with a “4” in this campus map. Follow the signs to the Underground once you are in the Brushaber Commons building. There will be someone outside the Underground to get everyone checked in and that will get you all set for the day.

10am… Welcome + Intro
10:30am… MATT TOBIAS
11:30am… GEAR EXPO (and open lunch break)
3pm… BWACK
5pm… Wrap up
(this is a rough outline and subject to change)

Bethel has 3 options for food, all within a few feet of the Underground. Down the hall on the same level in the Brushaber Commons is a small coffee shop with sandwiches and wraps and chips and whatever. Cheap and fast. Directly upstairs from the Underground is the 3900 Grille and the campus dining center. The Grille is a made-to-order a la carte spot with decent prices and decent selection. The dining center is a buffet-style cafeteria and, in my opinion, your best bet. A special discounted entrance fee of $8 (mention to the cashier that you are part of the drum clinic) gets you in the cafeteria for as much food/drink/dessert/whatever that you can consume. Besides these on-campus options there are a handful of restaurants nearby Bethel, but are probably not a good idea time-wise.

For those of you coming from out of town, we have a deal with the Hampton Inn off Lexington Ave (a few blocks from the BU campus) has a deal for rooms if you mention that you’re attending The Drumset and the Kingdom. $99/night down from $139. We are not providing any transportation to/from the hotel or airport.

We are really trying to get a handle on the numbers for attendance, so if you’re planning on coming then get registered! If you do end up deciding to come at the last minute then registration can happen at the door, although the price will have gone up from $52 to $75.

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