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I’m at Masters Studio all day today. This studio used to be called Flyte Tyme, and was owned by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Michael Jackson recorded the single “Scream” here, and Janet Jackson recorded most of her records here.

It feels weird to walk these halls after the events of last week. The mono overhead mic is the same one used for MJ’s vocals.

I am again finding myself without the time to maintain this blog the way I would like. I’ve been wading through some thick reading material lately, along with a ton of other time-consuming stuff.

Hang in there with me. I promise to not let things slide into the normal musician state of one blog post every three months.  Good things come to those who wait, right?

Ryan Paul & the Ardent celebrates the release of the debut record, La Vita Nuova, tonight at the 331 in Northeast Minneapolis. The show is free, and 21+.

I expect to see everyone who reads this blog there.  Everyone.


6/21/09 Update: The good news for those of you that couldn’t make it to the show is that someone in the crowd caught some cell-phone footage of the show.  The bad news is that it’s cell-phone-footage quality.

Does everybody know how killing this band is? Jeff Porcaro has so much groove. The whole band… they are unreal. Rhythm sections like this are just so few and far between.

PS. Also few and far between… the perc player with no shirt and rainbow suspenders.

My new friend Tony Renaud just hipped me to this great interview with juggernaut bassist Anthony Jackson. It’s a great read, and really reveals Jackson’s inspiring commitment to artistic integrity. (Be sure and watch the video of Jackson playing with Michel Camilo and Horacio Hernandez on page two of the interview.)

It’s been a while since I posted a video lesson, so here’s the next one in the series. This lesson is “part 2” from Episode 10.

It seems record labels on on their last leg.  The music industry has changed so much, and this article from spells out what really happens in a record deal, and why young bands should avoid them.

HT: Barnes

This has got to be one of the coolest live performance stage sets I’ve ever seen…

It’s time to get back at the blogging.  Yep.

To start things rolling again, let me turn your attention to Matt Chamberlain’s website, which I just spent a few minutes browsing.  It completely rules.  I visited his site a few years ago and it seemed boring, but just now I noticed all the pictures on the home page news feed. Tons of super cool shots of his set-ups in studios and live.  Disclaimer: fellow gear heads will get the most out of this.

I’m listening to the new Dave Matthews Band record on Napster right now.

Holy.  Cow.

I cannot believe how many notes Carter Beauford plays. Honestly, the guy is playing 32nds on the hats unceasingly. Every song. blabada-blabada-ft-ft-fffffffff-blabada… non stop. No joke. Every track.

I mean… it’s definitely impressive on a technical level. Let’s give credit where credit’s due. But, wow… I just don’t understand why it’s helping the song for him to do that. Any Beauford fans reading this right now? Somebody help me see what I’m missing.

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