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So I just picked up one of those new Flip camcorders. It is completely awesome. 8 gigs of HD footage = 2 hours of recording time. I tried it out yesterday at a session at Skyland Studio, and I’m really impressed.  It gets pretty good audio for something the size of my cell phone.

The session was for the new Miss Minnesota, but I forget her name right now.  She’s doing a record to raise money for a MN charitable organization of her choice.  I’m using the house DW kit at Skyland, which is always fun to play on. I also got a new ride a few weeks ago off Craigslist… a 21″ Paiste Dark Energy. This was the first studio run with that cymbal, and it is SO BOSS.  Much thanks to my new friend Dan Noraker for that one.


I spent the afternoon in another session today, this time at an amazing studio in Farmington, MN called “Skyland.” It’s state of the art, and from just sitting in the studio you would never know that it’s in my friend Darren Rust’s basement. It’s got a driveway and entrance separate from the rest of the home, separate heating and cooling, tons of square footage, and an amazing design.

Darren is in the Twin Cities acapella group called The Blenders, and we did live drums on some of the backing tracks for their upcoming Christmas shows. But seriously. Check out the pics on the Skyland website and tell me this isn’t the coolest home studio you’ve ever seen.

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