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Attention Internet: The Bill Mike Band has put together a last-minute show at Mayslack’s in Northeast Minneapolis. Tonight, July 3rd, 9pm.

This is most likely the only show we will play in 2010. Be there.

The first and perhaps only Bill Mike show of 2009 will be tomorrow night at Tiff’s in St Paul. The evening will be hosted by a cool band called Charn as they release their debut recording, These Sins Of Mine.  My friend Phil Hicks, who plays bass in the Jeremy Sanoski Band, is the bassist for Charn.  They rule.  Also in the evening’s lineup is the reincarnation of the Minneapolis indie-pop band Cowboy Curtis, now called Wishbook.

It’ll be a great night of music.  Make it happen.

PS. Morrissey plays bass in both Bill Mike and Wishbook, and he’s in town from NYC this week because of the release of his debut record as a bandleader/composer, The Morning World.  He was featured on the first hour of 89.3’s The Local Show last week, which you can listen to here.

I’m playing a couple cool gigs next week that I want to make sure everybody knows about…

1) 18+ Bill Mike Band show on Thursday (3/26) at The Whole in Coffman Student Union. This is the first local BMB show since the Truce release last November, and this show is FREE.

2) Friday (3/27) is the release show for Elizabeth Hunnicutt’s new record, On The Way. The show will be at Church Of The Open Door in Maple Grove. Tickets are $8 in advance, and $10 the night of. You can hear some of the tracks from this record on Liz’s myspace page and on her new website.

3033884674_9b0c9c2be7For those of you who didn’t make it out to the Cedar for the Bill Mike record release a few weeks ago, here’s a cool feature that the Pioneer press did on the show. There’s interview footage, and some clips from the performance, although the audio quality sounds like the guy recorded the show with his cell phone while it was still in his pocket.


A super huge thanks to everyone who came to the Bill Mike show last Friday. We had a great time. There’s a cool review of the show here, and a photo album here. I’ve also been told that the new record is now up on itunes, as well as our first record, if you’ve never heard that.

bmb2Ok, I promise this is the last time I’ll mention it.

The new Bill Mike Band record, TRUCE, is out today. We will be playing a release show tonight at the Cedar Cultural Center, and we will have all the amps on 11. More details here. See below for some reviews of the record, if you’re into that kind of thing.

City Pages, Vita.MN, Perfect Porridge, Rift Magazine


I just put the opening track from TRUCE (the new Bill Mike record) up on my myspace page. Go check it out, and make plans to be at the Cedar Cultural Center this Friday for the TRUCE release show.


Some time ago I posted some pics of the studio sessions for the new Bill Mike Band record, Truce. That album is due out in a couple weeks here, and we booked a release show at the Cedar Cultural Center on Nov 14. There’s a bunch of eclectic stuff happening at the show that night, and it’s sponsored in part by the Surly Brewing Company. Should be a ton of fun. Check out the flyer, and there’s a review of the record in Rift Magazine.

So mark it in the calendar: Nov 14 at the Cedar. New Bill Mike record. Booya.

Last year the Bill Mike Band did a collaboration project with a hip hop artist from Minneapolis called Carnage. The 5-song EP was just put up on itunes… just search Bill Mike Band or Carnage or whatever. The single is called “Count to Three.”

UPDATE: A friend tipped me to a youtube cell phone video of a live BMB and Carnage performance. Also, I am told that Bill Mike has been listed on an internet music showcase called Ourstage (in the “experimental” section of course), and it looks like we made it in the top ten on the site for the month of September!

So… I’m playing at a Barack Obama “rally” of sorts on Thursday night at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis. This is funny, because – barring some sort of dramatic platform shift – I am not planning on voting for the guy.

Anyway, it’s the Bill Mike Band that’s playing the show, and we’re headlining… so our set will probably start around 11pm. The show is 18+.

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