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Remember a few weeks ago when I posted this?

As luck would have it, I found myself actually sitting behind Terry’s kit at the DW factory a little over a week ago. is owned by Don Lombardi, who also owns Drum Workshop, and the two business entities share a bunch of warehouse space in Oxnard, CA. I got to spend the day there doing some video lessons for DrumChannel, and at the end of the day Don brought me into Terry’s personal practice space (which is on sight at the DrumChannel studios).

Too many drums?

Too many drums?

Here’s the thing: It was SUPER fun. The kit is laid out in such an incredible way, and everything about it is so interesting. There are tuned toms, unorthodox hihat stacks, tuned gongs attached to pedals, and misc aux perc all over the place.

Trying to look like I'm not intimidated...

Trying to look like I’m not intimidated…

The main observation I have about it is this: there isn’t a normal kick/snare/hihat combo in the whole thing. Meaning, it’s not really a “drumset.” It feels a lot more like a prepared piano. And then, suddenly, all my criticism of the thing being “overboard” or too extensive… well, all my criticism just vanishes. Sitting behind the instrument made me realize that it’s a unique and musical device, not simply excess for the sake of being excessive.

Side view.

Side view.

So anyway, I feel like I need to retract any sort of mockery I may have thrown toward Terry’s kit in the past. He’s not showing up to church gigs with this setup, and he’s not trying to convince anyone that his drumset is the norm for drumsets. He’s just exploring a creative avenue that he has the ability (and resources) to explore. And let me tell you, it was FUN to try my hand at it. I could have sat behind Terry’s kit for HOURS.

Because Don brought me into Terry's room I was able to bypass the "Don't play this kit" sign.

Because Don brought me into Terry’s room I was able to bypass the “Don’t play this kit” sign.


Hey guys! I get another opportunity to hang at the Drum Channel studios in the LA area tomorrow. Tune in and watch Cobus and I discuss time signatures and roto toms and china cymbals and double pedals and gongs and wood blocks! You know, all the essentials…


Terry Bozzio, keeping it real.

Terry Bozzio, keeping it real.

Nobody cares how fast an outfielder can run or how high he can jump if he can’t catch the balls that are hit to him. Nobody cares how many home runs a batter can hit during a home run derby if he can’t hit them in an actual game.

Similarly, nobody cares how many different grooves and patterns you have practiced if you don’t sound good when you play them. Make sure you SOUND GOOD.

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