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I’ve had a real relaxed summer, but things are picking up again now. With that, I think I’ll resume more regular blogging. I definitely got lazy on the posts for the past few months… but stay tuned for the return of staples like Mews, AOTW, and some cool new interviews.

Also, I’m putting togther my Fall schedule for private lessons this week, so anybody in the Twin Cities area who wants in on that should contact me soon.  I’m not devoting as much time to teaching as I have in the past, so the spots are few.

This is the final episode from the first shoot. There are plans for another shoot soon, but it might look a little different.

Bottom line: this lesson on “Hertas” isn’t the last video lesson. Stay tuned.

I spent the weekend playing out at Higher Ground Festival again this year, with Jeremy Sanoski and Elizabeth Hunnicutt. Both shows were super cool, and the festival as a whole is always a good time.  My friend Matt best runs the event, and he’s a solid dude.

Noteworthy moments from the weeknd:

1)  Jeremy getting heat exhaustion after our set on Friday and spending an hour and a half in the EMT trailer.

2)  Liz boldy declaring from stage that her record is “an album full of journey songs,” which is very funny if you imagine that she meant Journey, and not journey.

And… I’ve got some footage from the weekend, shot with that awesome Flip camcorder that I bought before the UK Harms tour.  Here’s an exceprt from a track on the Sanoski Band’s forthcoming record, and my daughter Betty singing along with Hunnicutt…


I spent the day today up in Moorhead, MN at an brand new (and very awesome) ampitheater, doing a gig with the Twin Cities vocal band The Blenders. Also on the gig was my friend James Buckley on bass, who was recently named “the hardest working musician in Minnespolis” in a City Pages article about him.

Here’s a quick look at the venue today, as well as some great moves by James and the Blender’s Ryan Lance…

Is anyone surprised that the new Mutemath video totally rules?

To be fair, it’s not really “new.”  I think it was released back in April… but it still rules.  Their new record, Armistice, is due out next Tuesday, August 18th.  You should probably buy it.

HT: Clayton


I’m sure many of you have already read this interview between Beck and Will Ferrell. For those of you who haven’t, be prepared to enjoy the next ten minutes of your life.

HT: @whizbang

I’m playing with Elizabeth Hunnicutt tonight at the Target Center after the Lynx game, and we just got done loading in.

The load-in was more fun than normal because there’s a bat that apparently lives in the rafters of the parking area underneath the arena.  This bat – we’ll call him “Duane” – was feeling social and flying around everywhere. As in, I’m walking down the hallway from the training room to the court and Duane is doing laps up and down the hallway, a low-ceiling and narrow hallway, just flying right past me. I was ducking instinctively but I really had nowhere to go. Then Duane hit Liz’s booking agent in the back of the head. And then, as Christian Ankrum and I were walking back to our cars, Duane flew circles around us the whole way, maybe a foot off the ground.

Should be a good show tonight.

The first and perhaps only Bill Mike show of 2009 will be tomorrow night at Tiff’s in St Paul. The evening will be hosted by a cool band called Charn as they release their debut recording, These Sins Of Mine.  My friend Phil Hicks, who plays bass in the Jeremy Sanoski Band, is the bassist for Charn.  They rule.  Also in the evening’s lineup is the reincarnation of the Minneapolis indie-pop band Cowboy Curtis, now called Wishbook.

It’ll be a great night of music.  Make it happen.

PS. Morrissey plays bass in both Bill Mike and Wishbook, and he’s in town from NYC this week because of the release of his debut record as a bandleader/composer, The Morning World.  He was featured on the first hour of 89.3’s The Local Show last week, which you can listen to here.

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