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My new Alclair RSM molds.

My new Alclair RSM molds.

I am very happy to promote a new custom in-ear monitor company from Minnesota called Alclair. Owner Marc Musselman had a booth at last Spring’s the Drumset and the Kingdom conference, so hopefully those of you in attendance at that event had a chance to meet him. If you did then you know what a nice guy he is, and VERY knowledgable about in-ear systems.

He’s been in the industry for many years (representing and manufacturing product for some of the biggest names in the business) and has only recently decided to “skirt the middle man” and build/sell monitors directly. His shop/warehouse/lab is in Osseo, a Minneapolis suburb only 5 minutes from my house. Marc gave me a tour of his facility (photos below) and I demoed each of his main production models, which all sound great. I landed on his top of the line monitors, the RSM series. They sound incredible. Additionally, the custom aspect of everything means that I chose the colors I wanted for my molds (I went with grey on the outside and red/blue on the insides) and had my name printed on the outside of each mold at no extra charge. Marc offers lifetime warranty on his products and encouraged me to give him as much feedback as possible, promising to make any changes that I might want. The best part is the price point, which is significantly lower than the big name in-ear manufacturers.

In-ear monitors are an essential piece of gear for working musicians in 2013. To be honest, I wish they weren’t… because I would have spent that money on another snare drum or something. But having my own set of in-ears has so many advantages, and at this point I’d probably SELL one of my snares in order to replace my monitors if I had to. When you decide to add a pair to your rig, or even if you just need an upgrade, contact Marc! He rules and his product rules.

Woofers and tweeters in Marc's lab

Woofers and tweeters in Marc’s lab

A huge machine that Marc uses to make awesome stuff. #legit

A huge machine that Marc uses to make awesome stuff. #legit


One of Marc’s employees making monitors like it’s his job… because, well…


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