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I love this guy. If you haven’t heard of him, go read his wiki page, note that he’s only 33 (my age too, as it happens), and then watch him absolutely destroy the typical approach and expectation for a drum solo.


– The electronica drum n bass motif he’s using in this solo is present in a lot of his playing (that I’ve seen, at least) and I’m a total sucker for it. 

– No toms, no crashes/ride… just kick + snare (and sometimes hats).

– KILLER right foot stuff going on. Mark has incredible technique and facility there. 

– The phrase he starts repeating at 1:02… AAAGHHHHH I LOVE IT.

– It’s amazing how much frame of reference the hats have when it comes to deciphering his notes/ideas. Although he keeps the same tempo and meter throughout the solo, the stuff he’s playing is so mathy that it’s almost impossible to keep up as a listener without the hihat guide.

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