I’ve got two shows happening this week that I’m really pumped about.

1. Tomorrow night (Wednesday) Caitlyn Smith will be hosting her farewell show as she prepares to leave for Tennessee. Cait has a writing deal with a Nashville publishing group, and you will know why when you hear her songs. The show is at the 331 Club in Northeast Minneapolis, starts at 9pm, and is FREE.

2. This coming Saturday is the album release show for my friend Brett Tyler and his new record Bittersweet. The fantastic Noah Levy played drums on the album, so I’m pumped to fill his shoes for the release night. Sitting in at the show will be Mark Edwards, Joel Hanson, and Caitlyn Smith (see above), who all contributed to Brett’s record in some way. The show is at the Turf Club in St. Paul, with Farewell Milwaukee and Romantica on the bill as well.  9pm or something.

UPDATE (1/16): These shows were this past week, as in they already happened.  I realized that I didn’t list any dates so I don’t want things to be confusing.  The shows were both totally packed and tons of fun.  Thanks to everybody who came out.