Well, the hit counter continues to work its way up.  Thanks again to all who pay attention to this blog!  It’s a fun way for me to geek out. I plan on really hitting it hard over the coming months. I have a serious pile of drafts and all I need to do is just post them, so I’ll try to do one a day for a while.

For starters, here’s the wrap-up for 2010’s posts that matter… or at least I enjoyed writing them slash people seemed to enjoy reading them.  I think the “Pavement Sucks” posts got the most comments of anything I’ve written so far.

The Instrumental Pursuit
Glo Kit Q&A
Food For The Beloved Interview
“Uploading” Gigs
Transcribing (and Transcribing, pt 2)
Pavement Sucks (and Pavement Sucks, pt 2)
Good Gear = Gigs
Suzy Goold vs. Chris McHugh
Music Terminology: “Pocket”
Clinic Video