Hey everybody.  We had the first Go Fish show of the summer at the KTIS festival last weekend and it went great.  The award for sounding super good at the festival goes to Brandon Heath’s band.  They played right after us, and my man Josh Robinson was making it happen and looking good doing it.

I grabbed drinks with Heath’s band afterwards and had a chance to meet and hang with a very good dude named Dustin Ransom, a multi-instrumentalist from Nashville who was playing keys with Heath.  Dustin runs a Tumblr blog called The Nashville Drummers Project, full of interviews and information on some of the lesser-known players in that town (i.e., not McHugh/Needham/Cromwell/Leim/etc).  I’ve been reading these for the past couple days and learning a ton, not to mention getting inspired.

PS… Speaking of McHugh, he posted this picture on FB a few weeks’s ago.  Um, that’s just the LEFT SIDE of his kit…