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Lately I’ve been day dreaming about expanding my studio snare line up, and I really want to check out the stuff Johnny Craviotto makes.  He originally worked for Drum Workshop but now does his own thing, and his specialty is solid-shell drums (a thick sheet of wood steam-bent into a single-ply drum).  Although a handful of companies produce solid-shell snares (including RD), I believe he’s the only guy producing solid-shell kicks and toms.

So I was browsing the Craviotto site earlier today, and the stuff looks pretty sick.  All kinds of wood options (Ash, Walnut, Birch, etc), all solid-shell construction, and all very impressive.  Equally impressive is the list of artists who endorse his company, including two of my favorite players: Chris McHugh and Matt Chamberlain.  Chamberlain’s bio had a link to his personal website, and I remembered it being kinda cool from visiting it a few years ago, so I clicked on it and explored a little… and that’s the reason I’m posting right now.  Under the “recording” tab is a list of mics and other studio gear Chamberlain uses in his home studio set-up, and if you scroll down about halfway you’ll find the most incredible list of kits/snares I have ever seen.

Let’s just say I’m trying REALLY hard to not covet that stuff…

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