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My former teacher Dave King is featured in this month’s Modern Drummer magazine. The article is fantastic and Dave’s insights are so valuable. Reading it really reminded me of the hours and hours I spent listening to his wisdom and passion for music/art during our lessons and hangs. No single person has shaped my perspectives on how to do what I do more than Dave.

Hit a drum shop and get yourself a copy asap.


The Bad Plus did a cover of this Aphex Twin track on their first major-label recording. I liked the tune so much that I bought the album containing the original version of the song: Aphex Twin’s 1997 EP, Come To Daddy. It started a now 6-year interest in electronic music and programming/sequencing.

Early on in the life of this blog I wrote a post about how programmed “drumming” has a unique opportunity to explore creative ground that physical drummers can’t access due to the physical limitations of a live drumset. This track is a great example…

I found this video a second ago and just had to post it.  Notice how Aphex uses very real sounding kick/snare/hihat samples on Flim, achieving his creativity using rhythm alone. Man, the stuff that this guy is “playing” is SO sick.

Relentlessly creative, The Bad Plus will drop their new studio album on Feb 3rd, which features Twin Cities vocalist Wendy Lewis.  Some of the tracks are posted on their myspace, in which you will hear my former teacher Dave King tearing holes in the minds of jazz drummers everywhere.

My good buddy Chris Morrissey, bassist for the Bill Mike Band, no longer lives in Minneapolis.  On an unrelated note, Chris will soon release his debut recording as a band leader, in which you will again hear my former teacher’s mind-tearing tendencies.

I’m playing at Bunker’s this Saturday night with my friend Ryan Paul, and we recently got a nice write-up from Ruby Vox on the isroxxor blog.

My daughter Betty got a shout-out on my buddy Bryan’s blog.

Here’s a cool interview with my former teacher, David King. I found it the other night. In it he discusses an avant garde piano trio he’s in, The Bad Plus, and their adventures with record labels.

Notice toward the end of the clip when the interviewer completely botches her facts on the Nirvana cover that The Bad Plus did on their first record. Awesome.

Not really a hockey fan, just a fan of looking cool.

Not really a hockey fan, just a fan of looking cool.

I’ve mentioned Dave King before on this blog and I will do it again. I studied with him for a few years during college. He is the single biggest influence on my playing, and my perspective on music as a whole. If you read this blog and you aren’t familiar with him, then here are some links to check out all the different bands he’s in…

1) The avant-garde jazz trio Happy Apple. You can hear some of their latest tracks here, and you can listen to this interesting NPR report on the band.

2) The art/pop-electro/rock band Halloween Alaska. Check out their myspace and watch this documentary of their second record.

3) The world-renowned progressive jazz trio The Bad Plus. Listen to them here, and watch them here.

4) The indie-rock band Love-Cars. Check them out here.

5) The raucous collision of sounds called The Gang Font. This is a band King started with Greg Norton (the bassist from Husker Du). You can watch this interview and performance from their first show.

In addition to all these bands, King has also recorded and performed with Jeff Beck, The Jayhawks, Iffy, FKG, Craig Taborn, Tim Berne, 12RODS, Haley Bonar, Mason Jennings, Bill Carrothers, and many others. You can check out his Zildjian artist profile here, and there’s a Modern Drummer Magazine article on him here.

UPDATE: Some of Dave’s recent endeavors as a bandleader include a trio record called I’ve Been Ringing You, a Dave King Trucking Company record called Good Old Light, and an interesting solo album called Indelicate. Furthermore, if you want get a glimpse of Dave’s comedy side, scroll through his blog posts (explicit content). Also worth watching are the handful of YouTube interviews with him like this and this… and there’s even a full-length MOVIE on him.

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