I’m playing with Elizabeth Hunnicutt tonight at the Target Center after the Lynx game, and we just got done loading in.

The load-in was more fun than normal because there’s a bat that apparently lives in the rafters of the parking area underneath the arena.  This bat – we’ll call him “Duane” – was feeling social and flying around everywhere. As in, I’m walking down the hallway from the training room to the court and Duane is doing laps up and down the hallway, a low-ceiling and narrow hallway, just flying right past me. I was ducking instinctively but I really had nowhere to go. Then Duane hit Liz’s booking agent in the back of the head. And then, as Christian Ankrum and I were walking back to our cars, Duane flew circles around us the whole way, maybe a foot off the ground.

Should be a good show tonight.